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We saw three helicopters. One of them was lagging behind the other two. It started spinning. At first we thought it was doing tricks, she told the site. It disappeared behind the tree line and then we heard a big bang. A golf pro at Breton Bay said the helicopter was kind of flying sideways, pretty low. And then as we got out on the deck watching it, he got treetop level and all of a sudden we saw the tail spin up and just spinning around and we heard him go down, Mike Harvey told WBAL News Radio 1090 AM. You could just hear the rotors hitting trees. There was no explosion or anything, he said, adding that no one had been playing golf at the site at the time of the crash. Harvey said Navy and Marine Corps aircraft flying to and from Naval Air Station Patuxent River 12 miles to the east are common sights, unlike Army-style choppers like Black Hawks. People examine the helicopter after the April 17 crash.AP St. Marys County Sheriffs Office spokeswoman Jennifer Stone didnt have additional details, saying authorities were still working to secure the scene.

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