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guidance for job interview

You arrive prepared maybe even overprepared for anything the hiring manager might throw at you. Youhave a plan for how to answer just about every imaginable question. You even have a few smart questions on standby to askwhen the interview is wrapping up, and its your turn to pick the interviewers brain. But by that point youve already missed an opportunity or three. The truth is that you can and should take charge of the interview, turning it into a genuine conversation where bothparties ask things of each other. And that means posingyour own questions all the way through, rather than waiting until the end. But this requires some tact and preparation, or youll come off as trying to yank the reins out of your interviewers hands. The key to slipping your own questions into the interviewis looking for openings right after youve been asked something similar. Here are a few to look out for.

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guidance for job interview

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